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The Community Resource Opportunity Project, Inc.

Our Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program works with at-risk young males aged 12-18 to instill 4 Cardinal Principles to best prepare them for success in life:  1) Manhood, being appropriate in character and marked by moral excellence, courage, bravery and resolve; 2) Scholarship, demonstrating a positive attitude toward education; 3) Perseverance,  a willingness to go an extra mile for the goal sought, as a responsible first-class citizen; and 4) Uplift, sharing ones gifts with the community in the form of verifiable aid, activism and leadership.  We believe that through this lens of character building, academic preparation, and community service activities, we can help young males reach their fullest potential. 

Matched mentors and mentees agree to meet for 1-2 hours per week for a one on one individual mentoring session.  Mentors help youth learn, develop, engage and achieve through activities that are selected together by the mentor and the youth based on common interests, youth goals, and parent/guardian input.  In addition, youth will participate in periodic group sessions focused on building independent living skills and teaching civic engagement by working through structured curricula in small groups facilitated by mentors.  All mentors agree to participate in on-going training, support and supervision by program staff and our program uses the 6 operational standards for mentoring programs set forth by MENTOR’s Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring.

Mentoring is a proven method and research shows that mentored youth receiving services have favorable outcomes in several life domains including educational attainment, emotional well-being, and show decreased unhealthy behaviors.  Mentoring can make a difference and our program is designed to do exactly that; to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

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